Who needs a personal trainer?

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You know, as we age, we sometimes don’t realize what has happened to ourselves.

Our lives are dominated by our jobs, our families, and there are just so many responsibilities!

How do YOU know you might need the services of a personal trainer? Why not just exercise by yourself?

Imagine a scenario… you’re a professional woman working in an office environment who has happened to gain weight and lose fitness as a result of sitting all day long. Like basically everyone, you look at others (on TV, Facebook, etc.) and compare yourself to what you see. You wish you could be in better shape, whether it’s to be more like the people you see, or to look more like you used to look in old photos. The problem is, you don’t really know what to do.

You’ve never really been very focused on activity in your life, or, when you were, you played team sports that you can’t really play anymore because of age, condition, or lack of friends to do them with. So you may try cardio exercises at a gym… because they are easy to learn and understand, but, by in large, these exercises do not give you the results you desire.

Your work environment in an office is detrimental to your health and condition. The endless supply of free coffee… the constant birthday cake celebrations for team members… the happy hours… the eating lunch out at restaurants… the snacking on prepackaged snacks (ANYTHING that comes in a box and doesn’t have to be refrigerated)… and (for women even greater than men) the stress, cortisol, and weight gain! So not only is mobility a problem, but your eating habits and work habits are affecting your body and overall wellness. You try dieting… it doesn’t work. You try more and more cardio… it doesn’t work. You might even surrender and try the pills, the surgeries, etc. but they don’t work or you’re (rightfully!) afraid to do them. Maybe you aren’t even doing any of that and you are just not eating well, not exercising, and you’re just stressed! You need a wellness coach to get you back on track!

Clients of personal trainers and wellness coaches want to feel better… they want to have more energy… but they can’t figure out what to do to combat their everyday reality of eating things they shouldn’t, overeating, under-exercising, and being too busy to have down time.

So what do you do when you don’t know how to get your life back on track? It feels like all of your girl friends are married and doing their own thing. You probably work in a male dominated field and cringe at the thought of working out with a male co-worker. You need a friend, and not just a friend, but a friend who knows what they are doing and can motivate and educate you as you work out. Enter the personal trainer.

Personal trainers want to help you improve your overall health, lose weight, and improve mobility. Working out with a personal trainer can be exactly what you need to jump start your fitness goals, and keep them going! You’ll have an appointment to go to, and you will have the social aspect of meeting your friend, the trainer, at the gym. You don’t have to do it all alone!

Shaun Howard is a personal trainer and wellness coach who understands and works well with working professionals. Unlike exercising on your own, exercising with Shaun provides you the instruction, personal attention, and friendship to help you to ultimately get yourself on your way to feeling better and having more energy. With Lime Fitness Wellness, you can have the healthier body and know-how to improve your lifestyle into the one you desire.

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